ITS is a leader company in different sectors since 1995, it boasts of being the number one agent and partner with the biggest worldwide companies and research centers in in several fields.

Our long experience in the Egyptian market together with the big trust we enjoy among our partners and clients, and more over the big demand from different markets, allowed us to announce proudly the addition of new activities:

* Import of medical supply

 * Export of herbals and crops

 As for the medical supply, we provide the following items :

  1. We should list the different items such as blood bags and isotopes .... etc.

  • i 131 therapeutic

  • I 131 diagnostic

  • LU 177

  • T 99

Regarding herbals and crops products, we provide our dear clients with the best and well cured products according to all European ISO and health certificates. Thanks also to the good relationship maintained with the supplies and the high attention we give to the quality, we proud to be one of the most important supplier/partner of numerous European food importers.

Our products:

( here we should list the products together with a slide of pictures for the certificates, products, farms and facility station ..... etc).

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